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Medical Imaging for
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Clinical Resources

Breast Imaging

A guide to 3D breast tomosynthesis and overview of the Medicare rebates available for breast examinations.


Information guides for a range of cardiac services including: cardiac CT scanning, MPI, echocardiography and stress echocardiography.


Prostate cancer screening guide, including recommended pathway to manage patients.


Information guide for CT guided lumbar injections and benefits for pain management.


PDF guides for musculoskeletal MRI and ultrasound.

Case studies - hip, knee, shoulder, cervical spine, cervical radiculopathy.

Video: musculoskeletal Indications for MRI and CT.


Case study - unexplained seizure.

Nuclear Medicine

Guide to nuclear medicine in general practice: cardiac, bone scanning, lung, urinary tract, endocrine, hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal.


Quick reference guides for obstetric ultrasound and nuchal translucency scans.


Pediatric MRI Referrer Guide and case studies for elbow, head, hip, knee, scaphoid fracture and spine.

Videos: range of paediatric conditions.

Seminar Series

Content from the GP Education Seminar Series, which aims to assist in improved patient outcomes by providing GPs with relevant, current and evidence based medical imaging education and information.